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The Team at The Smile Awards 2012
Celebrating at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards

One the many things which differentiates the Harley Street Dental Group is our ethos of drawing together only the very best dental professionals in the world expressly to meet the most complex and challenging dental care and cosmetic dentistry needs.

We are very proud to introduce you to our fabulous team amongst whom are some of the most talented and respected dentists and dental professionals, both in the UK and internationally.

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The Harley Street Dental Studio
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General and Cosmetic Dentists


Specialists & Referral Dentists


Hygienists & Therapists

Tawny Fontana Tawny Fontana Hygienist
(GDC 257099)

Gosia Pol Gosia Pol Hygienist
(GDC 251758)

Mandana Roshanrou Mandana Roshanrou Hygienist
(GDC 154051)

Lana Fattah Lana Fattah Hygienist
(GDC 200745)


Our Treatment Coordinators

Phillipa Astbury Phillipa Astbury Treatment Coordinator

Seema Baurhoo Seema Baurhoo Treatment Coordinator

Dipali Patel Dipali Patel Treatment Coordinator

Kasey Claxton Kasey Claxton Treatment Coordinator
(GDC 205543)

Georgiana Jipa Georgiana Jipa Receptionist
(GDC 261313)

Ella Gibbons Ella Gibbons Treatment Coordinator
(GDC 246141)


Our Nurses

Denise Russell Denise Russell Head Nurse
(GDC 120246)

Kristina Stivrina Wendy Cosh Dental Assistant
(GDC 238796)

Maria Nelson Maria Nelson Dental Assistant
(GDC 248729)

Kristina Povilaityte Kristina Povilaityte Dental Assistant
(GDC 255033)

Alexandra Bak Alexandra Bak Dental Assistant
(GDC 269692)

Alexandra Bak Ioana Ungureanu Trainee Dental Assistant

Alexandra Bak Cosmina Grigoras Trainee Dental Assistant


Management Team

Kasey Claxton Kasey Claxton Clinical Manager
(GDC 205543)

Gustav Fichardt Dr Sudhir Jagsi BDS (Hons) Chairman & Consulting Partner

Phillipa Astbury Phillipa Astbury Practice Manager
P.A to Dr S.Jagsi

Donna Johnson Donna Johnson CQC Compliance Manager