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Dr. Adi Moran

Speciality - Endodontics
Dr Med Dent Semmelweis University 2003 (GDC: 160229)

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Dr Adi Moran graduated in Budapest focusing primarily on the varied disciplines of emergency dentistry, periodontology and oral rejuvenation, before moving into the field of endodontics (treatment of the dental pulp) which became his passion and his Specialty. He became so skilled that he was invited to give endodontic lectures to dentists in training, before receiving his Board Specialist Certification in Endodontics.

  • Dr Moran is a respected 'Associate Clinical Teacher' in Endodontics at the University of Warwick lecturing to its MSc students as well as contributing to research.
  • He is also a clinical instructor to dentists in training at the Hadassah Hospital in Israel.
  • His panoply of lecture topics include microbiology and immunology of the dental pulp. He routinely lectures to dentists on the topic of dental trauma, as well as complex diagnosis and pain management of the most complicated cases.
  • Dr Moran is a member of the British Endodontic Society, ITI, IEA, The British Dental Association and Alpha Omega.

Treating anxious patients

It is normal to disproportionately fear a root canal treatment! Patients may even experience increased stress levels just by the anticipation for treatment and this is not helped by the "horror stories" heard from friends and family. Unfortunately, breaking the "pain myth" can only be fully proved by providing the patient with a high quality treatment. However, there are many other effective ways in which anxiety from treatment can be alleviated.

Every patient will require a unique and personal approach to an individually-tailored manageable treatment. This is usually best achieved by having a pre-treatment consultation.

After this, some anxious patients find previously unrecognised "self bravery" to sit for treatment, only to gradually further relax during treatment when proved in their words that "it is not at all a big deal".

For others, sedation syrup swallowed 30 minutes before treatment may prove better. In fact, highly anxious patients treated by sedation give incredible feedbacks compared to their previous unwillingness for treatment. It is important to appreciate that patients under oral sedation are conscious and can respond to questions. Some however do fall asleep during treatment.

Very few will require treatment under full sedation with an anesthesiologist present. While I don't advocate root canal treatment under full sedation, I do not object to this where it is specifically indicated.

All of these are decided over a consultation session where the individual's needs are learned, explanations and questions are answered and a treatment approach is specifically tailored for the individual.

Fields of specific interest:

  • Odontogenic (tooth related) vs. Non-Odontogenic (non-tooth related) orofacial pain diagnosis.
  • Management of dental traumatic injuries.
  • Microbiology and immunology of endodontic related infections.

Board Certified Specialist in Endodontics

Modern Endodontics (root canal related procedures) offers highly extensive knowledge than ever before. This includes use of innovative instruments and materials and also the deep understanding of implementing these in a correct sequence so as to successfully achieve the treatment goal. Additionally, some diagnoses may require multifactorial thinking from other multi dental and medical disciplines. Dr Adi Moran brings all of these together to his patients' benefit with extensive high academic standards, training and experience.

Extensive training and experience

Having graduated second in his class and with an outstanding clinical grade from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Adi continued to do a 1 year full time internship programme in Periodontology. In his internship, Adi gained complex surgical experience with latest knowledge in maintaining the health of gums. Following this, Adi worked in private practice, focusing on restorative and emergency dentistry. During practice, Adi realised his passion for Endodontics and was accepted to the prestigious 3 year full-time specialty programme in Endodontics at the Hebrew University – Hadassah. Successful certification requires accomplishment of 400 complex cases in the Endodontics hospital department, weekly theoretical seminars, case presentations and instructing undergraduate dental students in student clinics. After this, a specialist certification is granted only by successful accomplishment of both written and oral exams by an external board of examiners. Adi was amongst the very few to have ever been asked to regularly lecture in endodontics to undergraduate dental students as a part of the department staff while doing his specialty programme, before being certified as a specialist.

Academic posts and memberships held

Adi holds an official academic title of an 'associate clinical teacher' at the department of Endodontics, the University of Warwick, teaching and instructing MSc courses and being involved in research.

Adi routinely lectures to general dental practitioners. Having been trained in a large regional dental trauma centre, treating and seeing hundreds of dental trauma cases, he specifically enjoys lecturing on this topic. Additionally he lectures on complex diagnosis and pain management, on microbiology and immunology of the dental pulp.

Additionally he is a guest lecturer at the department of Endodontics, Hadassah where he has been a clinical instructor to undergraduate dental students for a number of years.

Adi travels internationally to conferences and is a member of a number of international and UK dental societies including the British Endodontic Society, Alpha Omega, ITI, IEA, and the British Dental Association.

Academic posts & memberships

  • 'Associate clinical teacher' at the department of Endodontics, the University of Warwick,
  • Guest lecturer at the department of Endodontics, Hadassah
  • Member of a number of international and UK dental societies including the British Endodontic Society, Alpha Omega, ITI, IEA, and the British Dental Association.