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Our promise on standards

We are consummately professional and our standards are always exemplary. We absolutely promise to strive to reach the pinnacle of clinical excellence as well as delivering on a promise for the best levels of patient care. At Harley Street Dental Group, our aim is always to deliver pain-free treatment with the most efficiency and one of the ways we do this is by utilising cutting edge technology.

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Health & safety

We exercise exceptional control of all aspects of infection management and levels of scrupulous cleanliness. Our practices are kitted out with all the most advanced sterilisation equipment, to ensure you are safe at all times.

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'Drill free' treatment

Using technology such as Aquacut and Icon we can treat dental decay without using the dental drill for maximum comfort and for the best possible patient experience.

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Oral cancer screening

Some of our clinics have installed a Velscope system to assist with the early detection of oral cancer. This is a rapidly growing problem in the UK and without early detection it can be fatal.

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Magnification dentistry

Our dentists use high magnification loupes as routine and microscopes as required. This ensures we can see the finest details and scrutinise our results to the highest degree.

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Laser dentistry

We carry out many procedures using state of the art dental lasers which mean that more invasive surgery is avoided. Also our lasers detect tooth decay accurately and more efficiently than using the naked eye or X-rays alone.


Digital dentistry

We lead the profession in the digital dentistry revolution. We have impression-free scanners, digitally guided implant placement, Invisalign scanning, and smile simulation software.

Digital scanner

Superlative materials

We only use the very finest dental materials and products as our patients deserve the best results with the most durability possible.

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Master dental laboratories

The dental laboratory technicians and ceramists with whom we collaborate are chosen because they are exceptional craftspeople. They are masters at their trade and especially selected from the best in the UK and US.

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Care Quality Commission

All of our practices are up to date with the Care Quality Commission guidelines.

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