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At Harley Street Dental Group our Family Dentistry service ensures that you and your family's oral health is exemplary from the earliest age onwards.

The prevention of decay and promotion of healthy smiles is our mission.

Each family member is offered tailored advice to suit their own oral health needs with the provision of frequent dental check-ups and thorough cleanings, with the purpose of preventing decay and disease.

Embracing dental care from a young age

It is possible that your young child experiences dental cavities within the gums before the first teeth even comes through which is why we recommend a visit to the dentist as soon as possible. You are advised to diligently clean your baby's gums with mornings and evenings rituals applying a small amount of toothpaste to stop any infection spreading and ultimately tooth decay when their first teeth start appearing.

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Teeth straightening for everyone

Harley Street Dental Group caters for all family members' teeth straightening thanks to our use of a range of discrete and fast acting devices to suit everyone's needs no matter what life stage they are at. Straightened teeth are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye since the braces are all invisible. They also allow a more thorough clean and make plaque build-up less of a problem.

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The benefits of regular check-ups

We recommend that as part of your oral hygiene routine you book 6 monthly check-ups to help detect the development of decay and diseases before they cause any lasting damage. Early detection of diseases can prevent tooth loss. Call the practice today to book a routine check-up for you and the family to ensure the highest standards of dental health.

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